The Attack of the Peppermints (I ran out of Wrapping Paper Again)

Holiday Gift Wrapping Dilemma #4: How to make gifts look pretty without sending wad after wad of paper (not to mention cardboard rolls) to the trash? This year I used peppermint themed dish linens. They’re bright, colorful, and help cushion breakables during shipment. The giftee can use them in the kitchen, or wrap a gift in … More The Attack of the Peppermints (I ran out of Wrapping Paper Again)

The Flying Chicken Box

GIFT WRAPPING DILEMMA #3: TEENY TINY BOXES FROM OLD GREETING CARDS Unable to find a jewelry box small enough to fit my Sweetheart Necklaces, I crawled the web in search of the perfect origami box pattern. After testing eight different patterns, I found these adorable little flower boxes. For my purposes, it was necessary to adapt the original … More The Flying Chicken Box

Sweetheart’s Dance

Know a new mommy who could use a little pick-me up?  This necklace lets her wear her baby’s birthstone close to her heart. The Sweetheart Pendant takes traditional pearls and birthstones, and gives them a twist. A genuine pearl heart and a tiny rough birthstone dangle from a sterling silver chain. More than one baby? It’s … More Sweetheart’s Dance

Nantucket Girl

There once was a girl from Nantucket Who kept a treasure trove in a bucket. When it started to rain She strung it all on a chain and into a tin she did tuck it. A re-purposed spice tin is the perfect home for Nantucket Girl’s treasure trove. Sea creatures with swarovski crystal eyes cavort … More Nantucket Girl

Honey and Secrets

  Book Club Selection The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd Featured Jewelry Honeybee Copper Necklace My former landlord gave me a copy of The Secret Life of Bees. She had just finished reading it and couldn’t bear to put it back on her shelf without sharing it with someone. It’s a sweet … More Honey and Secrets