The Flying Chicken Box


Unable to find a jewelry box small enough to fit my Sweetheart Necklaces, I crawled the web in search of the perfect origami box pattern. After testing eight different patterns, I found these adorable little flower boxes. For my purposes, it was necessary to adapt the original pattern slightly –I added the point and slot on the inside tabs. This created a plan that looks slightly like a flying chicken, but stays together better than the original version.

Download a PDF version of the pattern here:     Flying Chicken/Flower Box

First trace the pattern onto your recycled material of choice. I found it helpful to print the pattern onto thick paper, then cut out a template to use over and over again. In my version, the bottom is one square inch (about the size of a quarter), but you can enlarge the pattern to any size.  Use old greeting cards, postcards, cereal boxes, cardstock, or whatever you can find around the house.

Once the pattern is on the cardboard, cut out the outline of the box. It should look like either a squashed bird, or flying chicken, depending on your mood.

Place your cut-out box with the prettiest side down, and lightly score the dashed “fold” lines that create the square bottom of the box. Scoring the lines will help keep the folds crisp and straight. Cut the notches at the scalloped ends and cut a slot on the tab with the squared off end.

Now fold all four tabs upward, along the scored fold lines.

Bend the pointed tab towards the tab with the blunt end, sliding the point into the slot. If the point does not fit into the slot, you will need to adjust these now. Either make the slot slightly longer, or carefully trim the edges of the pointed tab.

Now put your tiny gift inside the box and pull the scalloped (flower) tabs towards each other.

Carefully slide the notches at the flower tabs together, until they complete the flower top.

Your flattened flying chicken is now a flower box, and the tiny treasure is safely inside. If you’re feeling really industrious you could slip a piece of ribbon or wire through the opening and hang it on the christmas tree for your giftee to find.

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