Sweetheart’s Dance

SH ruby

Know a new mommy who could use a little pick-me up?  This necklace lets her wear her baby’s birthstone close to her heart. The Sweetheart Pendant takes traditional pearls and birthstones, and gives them a twist. A genuine pearl heart and a tiny rough birthstone dangle from a sterling silver chain. More than one baby? It’s easy to slip additional charms onto the layered sterling silver ring. The necklace looks even better with additional birthstones, like a tiny bouquet of color on a chain.

SH peridot

I created the original sweetheart necklace for my old college roommate, who had her first baby girl, Avery, in July.  The pendant will either grow with the family (getting an additional charm for each new baby,) or make a special gift for Avery on her sixteenth birthday, first date, or wedding day.

The necklace also works well for any sweetheart in your life on birthdays, holidays, or just because. Hubbies, add your own birthstone to hers for an anniversary gift that’s sweeter than pie.

Sweetheart Collection


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