What’s Green at the Bauble Garden?

Embellished Gift Boxes make a sweet treat
Embellished Gift Boxes make a sweet treat

Finding ways to be environmentally conscious can be difficult in a product-driven world. And let’s face it, I love products. Who doesn’t? I’m a designer, and it’s my job to create, whether it’s nature inspired jewelry and gifts, an urban park, or a simple stone wall in the landscape. All of these things consume resources and add permanence to the world.

Recycled Paper Packaging
Recycled Paper Packaging

Bauble Garden Packaging is Green.

It’s a small start, but I’m making all bauble packaging as sustainable as I can.  Earrings come in boxes made of recycled cardboard. Beads, stones, stickers or ribbon make each box unique and very re-giftable. Bauble Garden tags and business cards are made with recycled paper, and so are the shopping bags and tissue paper I use at craft shows. Coworker’s at the place I call my day-job save small pencil boxes and other containers for me so I can re-purpose them for other items, and I’m working on plantable packaging designs as well.



In order to promote  eco-friendly packaging this season I’ve decided to post a series of creative solutions to all of your gift-wrapping problems. Be sure to check back throughout November and December for more packaging ideas.

Holiday Gift Wrapping Dilemma #1

You waited until the last minute to wrap that gift, and you just realized you’re out of tape! Don’t panic.


Just use those freebie stickers that come in the mail from non-profit organizations (Like this one from the ASPCA). The thumbnail pictures on your free address labels also make darling fasteners. Just clip off the address part and you have an instant set of teensy square stickers. Feeling guilty because you used the stickers and never gave the not-for-profit a dime? Make a quick visit to your local shelter and donate a little cuddle time with the pets instead.

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