An Engagement Necklace Story

Designing a piece of jewelry for a friend? Fun. Designing a piece of jewelry for her boyfriend to propose with? Eek! Challenging, fun, nerve-racking, exciting, and slightly OCD.

I recently had the honor of creating a necklace as a surprise engagement gift for one of my closest friends. Her boyfriend-we’ll just call him “Bud” in case they haven’t finished announcing their engagement-asked for a multi-strand necklace using two ‘similar but different’ materials, preferably white and silver, joined together. Neither Bud nor my friend (we’ll call her Sass) wanted a traditional diamond engagement ring.

Here is the final design inspired by Bud’s initial concept: two strands of tiny pearls intertwined with two strands of sterling silver, accented with silver and blue topaz beads.

If you’re wondering what happened, well Bud proposed to Sass this past weekend in a garden, amidst the spectacular fall color in New England and of course Sass said yes.


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