Autumn in the Garden

This is the best time of the year. There is something about the way the crispy air and autumn light brings out colors and scents and makes me feel all harvesty. Here on Cape Cod, autumn means pumpkins and sweaters, apples and squash, copper colored meadow grasses and chocolate toned seed pods.

The October air has brought some new things to the Bauble Garden, including pine-cone inspired earrings, a copper and apple gift box, and a pair of teensy mushrooms.

Teensy Little Mushrooms
Teensy Little Mushrooms

The Pine cone earrings are made of sterling silver wire, quartz, stone, and copper beads. They bring a subtle hint of Winter to come, reminding me of pine cones in the snow. The teensy mushroom stems are made of actual little seeds and the tops are white pressed glass.

The gift box is made of recycled cardboard, a wooden bead, and copper wire. It is part of a collection of bead boxes I’ll be using at upcoming craft fairs.

Gift Box with Pine Cone Earrings
Gift Box with Pine Cone Earrings

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