Glass Lady’s Slippers

Glass Lady’s Slipper Earrings in White

A glimpse of what I’ve been working on lately: a pair of glass earrings inspired by wild orchids. I’ve been tossing this idea around for a long time, ever since I saw this amazing Roberto Cavalli Ad in a fashion magazine. The ad features a woman in a green dress bending backwards with orchids in her hair. I’m dubbing my final design Glass Lady’s Slippers even though the orchids in the Cavalli Ad are moth orchids, not lady’s slippers because both flowers were equally a source of inspiration.

Lady’s Slippers, Native American orchids, grow with wild abandon in the woods here on Cape Cod. Actually, they are so prolific in certain places around here you might think they are common everywhere. However, wild orchids are not that common at all, as they will only grow in very specific conditions. They rely on the presence of a special organism called micorrhizae in the soil to grow,  specific climate conditions, and nearby trees for shade.

Wild Lady's Slipper Orchids on Cape Cod
Wild Lady’s Slippers in Cape Cod Woods

I’m hoping my glass Lady’s Slippers are worthy of sharing the same name as these rare and delicate wildflowers.

Glass Lady’s Slipper Earrings in Blue

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