Ten Signs You Are The Crazy Neighborhood Cat Lady


1. You brush your teeth in the kitchen because the cat you recently adopted sleeps in the bathroom sink.

2. The first cat you adopted lives in a teepee (that you sewed yourself).

3. You consider cleaning the litter box your zen garden meditation routine.

4. You buy new slippers because your cat doesn’t like the sound the old pair makes when you walk across the floor.

5. You arrive to work in your new slippers because one of your cats puked on your shoes.

6. You accidently use fancy feast in the tuna casserole.

7. You dumped your last boyfriend because he was allergic to cats. 

8. You’d rather not buy new furniture. Why ruin good furniture when the stuff you’ve got is so nicely broken in with claw marks and a two inch thick layer of cat hair?

9. You buy Starkist Tuna instead of Generic because your cats prefer the taste.

10.Your mother begins showing pictures of your cats when her friends show pictures of their grandchildren.



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