A Rose by Any Other Name…


Bauble Garden Rosebud Danglies were lucky enough to be featured in a treasury on Etsy, and although the treasury is no longer viewable on Etsy, it was just too pretty not to share. Thanks to ccladyslipper of Boston for choosing my Rosebuds and for making such a gorgeous treasury. You can see Rosebud danglies and other Creations at my etsy shop.

For all you Etsy Strangers, a treasury is a collection of 12 handmade things that the treasury maker (curator) singles out from thousands of Etsy items.  Usually the treasuries have a theme, and they are only visible for a few days on Etsy.com before they are replaced by new treasuries.

It’s not easy to snag a treasury because they only become available when the total number of collections is low, at which point hundreds of craft-hungry treasury-maker wanna-be’s stalk the list and wait for new spots to open up.

To see more collections on etsy, go to http://www.etsy.com/treasury.php

I predict that before long, you will be addicted to Etsy, like me.   Happy treasure hunting.


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