Seven Onesies

Garden CrittersThis year my circle of friends is experiencing a baby boom and there are literally babies, babies, everywhere.   So far I have seven new babies on my list to buy for -all boys, except for one.  How do I buy seven shower gifts that are not only cute as the dickens, and cleverly useful, but also special and personal? After much thought and a few botched attempts at blankets and cuddly monster dolls (I love Project Runway, but am sad to report I will never be a professional seamstress), I decided to jump on the onesie bandwagon.  If I can’t sew for the little creatures then maybe I can draw for them.


The result of this project is my new collection of Little Garden Creatures Onesies. Every baby needs an unlimited supply of onesies to poop in, barf on, sleep in and generally just look cute in. There are seven of them in my collection, all originally drawn by hand with colored pencils and ink, then scanned and transferred onto the cotton fabric with printer transfers.


I could come up with an endless number of ways to justify the seven onesie creatures. They were inspired by the characteristics of those seven new babies. There is a onesie for each day of the week. There is also one for each of Snow White’s friends or the seven deadly sins we all hope those babies never have to know about. I looked up seven on Wikipedia and it said: “Seven is the smallest happy number, except for the trivial example of 1.” I have no idea what that means, but I like to think of it as seven more things to cross off my list.


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