What is a Bauble Garden?

A Garden is a juxtaposition of shapes both architectural and organic. It is infused with colors and light. The garden moves as water sparkles, leaves rustle, and grasses sway.

A Bauble is a whimsical object that can be enjoyed simply for its beauty and charm.

A Bauble Garden is a collection of objects that may individually be sparkly, colorful, delicate, bold, simple, complex, beautiful, quirky, elegant, surprising, fun.  Each piece is unique. You never know just what might develop in the Bauble Garden.

The delicate and intimate details of jewelry making appeal to me because as a landscape architect, I typically deal with design on a large scale. During the day I might study forest structures, the patterns of shade and shadows across a hilly landscape, or the filtered movement of people through a city. Or, I might choose color compositions that express themselves across an entire estate, and change throughout the seasons. I could create paths that slice rigidly across a college campus or curve sinuously up a hillside. Design at this scale often fun and creative but at the same time, overwhelming in scope.

What a treat, at the end of the day, to zoom in and work on a garden that can fit in the palm of my hand.


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