I’m a Featured Artist

Thank you Brenda Zapatosky of BdoodleZ! She profiled me as a Featured Artist in her blog this weekend. Read the article here and then feel free to browse her Etsy shop to see the creative cards she designs. FYI- She also does customized Christmas Cards and Invitations featuring her quirky and fun pen and ink doodles.

Ten Signs You Are The Crazy Neighborhood Cat Lady

  1. You brush your teeth in the kitchen because the cat you recently adopted sleeps in the bathroom sink. 2. The first cat you adopted lives in a teepee (that you sewed yourself). 3. You consider cleaning the litter box your zen garden meditation routine. 4. You buy new slippers because your cat doesn’t like … More Ten Signs You Are The Crazy Neighborhood Cat Lady

Seven Onesies

This year my circle of friends is experiencing a baby boom and there are literally babies, babies, everywhere.   So far I have seven new babies on my list to buy for -all boys, except for one.  How do I buy seven shower gifts that are not only cute as the dickens, and cleverly useful, but … More Seven Onesies

Plantable Packaging

Last weekend I attempted to make my own plantable paper.  Until now I’ve been packaging my jewelry with old seed catalogs and boxes randomly pilfered from coworkers and friends, or salvaged cardboard from office coffee shipments.  Recently, I hit upon the brilliant idea of biodegradable packaging. Its not exactly a new concept:  If you can … More Plantable Packaging